Vehicles either registered or permitted are only to be used for:

  • The only reasons Victorians should be leaving their home are for: obtaining food and supplies, medical care and care giving, exercise, and work or education.
  • While you can continue to use your club permit vehicle, its use must only be in connection with one of the above activities (as well as being in accordance with the usual rules for use of club permit vehicles).
  • Victoria Police have powers to enforce social distancing laws and can issue fines of up to $1,652 for individuals who don’t comply.
  • So our advice is unless absolutely necessary for the reasons outlined above leave your club permitted vehicle at home.
Renewing or obtaining Club Permits during lockdown
  • Whilst they remain open, VicRoads Customer Service Centres will continue to accept payment for club permit renewals.
  • If permit holders do not wish to attend a customer service centre, they can continue to renew permits though mailing the renewal to VicRoads, GPO Box 1644 Melbourne 3001

The renewal process is described on VicRoads’ website.

Queries have also been received about applications for new permits.  The process for applying for new permits has not changed, and is described on VicRoads’ website. New club permits can continue to be applied for at VicRoads’ Customer Service Centres.

John Lewis
Principal Practice Advisor – Registration and Licensing VicRoads