Herald Sun, 2 March 2020, Selin Kaya.
Photo by David Caird, Christophe Boribon of Shannons Car Auctions, will auction classic Holdens today. 

The price of original Holdens could skyrocket ahead of the iconic brand name’s axing.

Shannons Car Auctions has three classic Holdens to go under the hammer today.

National auctions and external relations manager Christophe Boribon said interest in Holdens has already surged, but he was unsure how much people would dish out for special, survivor-condition models.

“We’re already seeing people asking more for their car,” he said. “The reality is as to much more people are going to pay for the special models. Whether there is going to be a 10 per cent of 20 per cent increase, I think the next three to six months will give us a better indication of that.”

 Mr Boribon has been selling vintage Holdens for more than 23 years.

“Generally speaking, the collectable Holdens will probably maintain their value, and we might see an increase for the very well documented cars in good condition.”

Mr Boribon will auction a 1954 Holden FJ Special and a Vintage Sports Minor caravan, a 1972 HQ Monaro 202 Coupe and a 1978 HZ Premier 308 Sedan.

SOLD $53,000 – 1954 Holden FJ Special Sedan and 1952 Vintage Sports Minor Caravan

SOLD $67,000 – 1972 Holden HQ Monaro 202 Coupe