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Holden Timeline – 50 years ago

1971: The HQ would become Holden’s best-selling model ever. In just over three years, it sold almost a half-a-million units. A more modern look with plusher ride, the HQ was still a conservatively engineered car. But we loved it. The Monaro continued, but the luxury model was the Statesman with a proper long wheelbase. A one-tonne tray-back ute was a new addition to showrooms. The three-millionth Holden was a HQ.

The name Torana comes from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘to fly’. This EH is a little confused.

Another month, another crash and burn of non-events due to Covid 19

Message from El Presidente

Hello members, I hope you are coping ok during these uncertain times. Sadly, we have not been able to meet for runs or to hold the planned AGM as yet. So many car shows and events are now cancelled or postponed due to the uncertainty of restrictions and the effort required to plan. But things might be looking up a little. Stay tuned for any updates as we look forward to being back on the roads for summer.

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The numbers game

How did the Holden Monaro get its name?

What is the meaning of Monaro?

The 1968 ‘new generation’ of Holdens saw the release of their first two-door sports coupe, the ‘Monaro’ (from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘high plain’ or ‘high plateau’). It proved to be one of the most popular and enduring GMH cars. But early clay models were labelled Torana and it wasn’t until late 1967 that the Monaro name was chosen. It was developed to help Holden win the Australian Touring Car Championship including the famous race at Bathurst.

VIVA the revolution. Before GTR and XU-1, there was a Holden performance car, the Brabham. In 1964 Holden began assembling the Vauxhall Viva as its small car offering. By 1968, the car was being completely manufactured in Australia and badged the HB Torana.