May Club Run – BBQ and Mystery Run

This was the clubs first BBQ outing since the dreaded Covid-19 outbreak. After dragging it out of the shed and clearing out all the spiders a good was bought it up like new again. That was until we opened-up the back and found that in there were still drinks left in the Esky and some had exploded leaving the rest floating in a beautiful layer of black mould. Thanks to Leanne and Ken too, we completely cleaned and disinfected everything in the trailer. All the condiments tea coffee sauces and salt, pepper etc., were out of use by date so a complete restock was done.

During the week Don and I checked out the venue for the BBQ being the Peechelba Reserve. Seeing we had a bit of time on our hands Don and I mapped out a bit of an observation run taking in Bundalong, Yarrawonga and Wilby, finishing up back at Peechelba.

With all the members at Apex Park they were issued their questionnaire and sent on their way, while Don and I headed out and set up waiting for the hungry hoard to return. When we mapped it out it took about one and half hours to complete, so cooking started we reckoned about when they would get back, and right on schedule (well not quite) everybody accept Ashley arrived. He arrived half an hour behind everyone else. There was a tie for first place with between Ashley and My Son Brent with 20 out of 21 correct answers. Ken Ritchens picked up the booby prize for the least amount right. A good day for a catch up and a feed, thank you to all the ladies for the lovely salads and sweets and Lyn’s Rocky Road. Yummo!

But the story doesn’t end there folks. After everyone had departed and Don and I packed up the trailer, Don headed off, while I did a last minute check around. I caught up with Don not far out of Wang and noticed the trailer listing to the right, thinking the Esky wouldn’t weigh it down that much. On closer inspection a tyre was going flat, it was decided that we would limp back. Yes, you got it, no spare so almost home when the tyre said no more. I went back to the shed and got a spare changed it and headed home. On further inspection the other tyre was separating as well, so two new tyres and balance, all good!


Nice straight car, no low ballers. I know what I have.

The way it was – Drive in restaurant car cooling system.