Well, it’s been another challenging year for the club and all of us. The committee took into account the covid 19 requirements leading up to March 2021 GM Day and in the best interest of the club decided to cancel the event. We also postponed celebrating 21 years as a club, which was to awarding 20 and 10 year member’s badges, which I personally felt was disappointing for all of us. I would to thank Anthony for his time and hard work in coordinating the event, as it was going to be a great dinner and a highlight of the year. We did manage to hold a few events in between lockdowns and ongoing restrictions: a red plate day (with the need of more sausages); a casual drive with a some questions to answer along the way from Wangaratta to Yarrawonga and back to Peechelba; a trip to Howlong and recently the Christmas party at Peechelba Hall.

My thanks to outgoing committee who have shown yet again it has been a real team effort, with everyone working hard behind the scenes to keep the dub connected, being proactive towards running outings between lockdowns and keeping members up to date in these challenging times.

Hopefully we can roll into 2022 and get back on the road with more outings – driving our Holden cars and socialising together more frequently. Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for being part of the EHCC during 2021.
EHCC President Adrian Twyford


Some sense of normality returned when the club held its annual Christmas break up at the Peechelba reserve. A good crowd of about 35 members and family were in attendance. This was the second time the club has had a function here, earlier in the year our mystery run concluded with a BBQ at the same place. For the Christmas bash the club hired the room for a very reasonable cost and was fantastic with fridge (to keep the sweets in pristine condition) sink and ample tables and chairs for all.

Dave Cam decided it would be better if he camped the night although I was not sure about his bed for the night up a very unstable ladder quite a ways off the ground. I assured him there were no dangerous animals about and asked what happens when nature calls at some ungodly hour, being a true boy scout he came prepared and produced an empty milk bottle that doubled as a hot water bottle on colder evenings.

Great to see Tony Vanderhayden back in the apron and with tongs in hand, ably assisted by our president Adrian who saw that no one went hungry. The ladies surpassed all expectations with a varied array of delicious salads and sweets etc. Fabulous Phil accompanied by his lovely wife Glenda had lucky tickets with presents for those whose number came up. With all the dishes done and everything cleaned up a few sat around chatting for a while and enjoying a few quiet beverages until the wives decided we had enough of a good thing. Although protesting at the time, we were thankful next day. All in all a very pleasant evening and a great venue and I am sure we will return again in the future.

To everyone I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a safe new year and will see everyone again in 2022. Ken E

Have a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year and remember, there is no club meeting in January. See you all in February 2022.

1956 Holden FJ Panel Van
Sold by Shannons: $115,000

Australia’s first commercially successful automobile, the Holden was launched in November 1948 to great fanfare and featured styling influenced both by prevailing American and European design trends. With relatively advanced monocoque construction and a sturdy, sufficiently powerful OHV six-cylinder engine, the new Holden 48-215 proved ideally suited to the rugged local driving conditions.

In September 1953 the Holden underwent a facelift to become the FJ, the new model boasting a toothy new chrome grille, hubcaps, and jet-age taillights. It was available in sedan configuration in Standard, Business and Special trim levels, together with a coupe utility and panel van. By the time production of the FJ ceased in 1956, more than 250,000 first generation Holdens had been built and the ‘humpy’ had written itself into the history books. Celebrated in films, music, and popular culture generally, the FJ has become a local icon and with good examples becoming hard to find, original cars are quickly being snapped up by collectors.

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