EHCC Christmas Party and Holden’s last birthday Run

After a crazy year we finally can get together take the cars out and celebrate Holden’s, what will be their last birthday. Born on the 29 November 1948. Although the iconic brand is no more, a staunch band of enthusiasts throughout Australia (and overseas) will never let the name die.

So, let’s not dwell on the past, we all have our beloved Holden’s and will enjoy and drive them for as long as we are upright and above ground.  With that said, our first official club run since the dreaded Covid-19 stuffed everything was our last for the year, so it WAS also combined as the club Xmas Party.

A very good roll up of 20 cars and about 40 members met at Apex park for a drive around the district ending up at the Tarrawingee Plough Inn Hotel for lunch.
After not being in contact for the past 9 months there was plenty to catch up on what members have being doing with their time during the lock down. Another group of push bike riders arrived for lunch one and a half hours ahead of time and demanded to be fed before us. Needless to say this mob come from Melbourne. Some of our group had a bit of a wait, so for those who don’t know, that is why. I can say the staff at the pub did an excellent job and held up under the pressure also donated $100 dollars back to the club.

A big thank you to Craig Iskov for all the work he put into organizing the venue and making up boards of all the old past car dealers in Wangaratta over the years. Unfortunately, Craig couldn’t attend and handed the reins over to Anthony to organise the day.

If you are out and about and looking for a great pub feed at good price give them ago.

Ken Essenhigh

Michael wins the raffle.

For Sale

HR DISC BRAKE FRONT END and booster to fit EH Holden $1,500.00.  Set of Dragway Indy’s 2 x 6” x 13” & 2 x 7” x 13” new tyres $800.00.

PREMIER BUCKET SEATS, suit EH, HD, HR with all metal trims, VGC, $1400 ONO. Phone Joe 0409 550 324.

A Message from the President

Well, it’s been a challenging year for the club and us all. We were so lucky to have just got our ALL GM Day in March completed before Covid-19 hit us. Since then, we’ve had very few runs or meetings, but members have been working on cars, buying and selling parts and generally keeping the spirit of Holden alive. We have now had the AGM and my thanks to the old and new committee members for working very hard behind the scenes to keep the club going. Hopefully we can roll into 2021 and get back on the road, doing what we like best. Driving our old cars on friendly and sociable outings. Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for being part of the EHCC.

EHCC President Adrian Twyford

Now that is a wheeely big caravan behind the Monaro!

Hay Rust n Dust Outback Rally 2020 raises $158,000

EHCC sponsored Car 27, a Commodore VX wagon run by Craig Wilson, brother of Kylie Wilson who passed away recently from cancer. Kylie worked for the Wangaratta Chronicle and covered many EHCC events over a number if years. She was very supportive of our club and events, so we wanted to contribute to a cancer fundraiser in her memory.

Organisers report:

So, after organising the rally in only 6 weeks with 27 cars making memories that will last a lifetime Hay Rust n Dust Outback Rally 2020 is finished! What an amazing effort by everyone involved, the committee, the volunteers, the supporters, and of course the ralliers – we couldn’t do it without you! 2020 saw so many changes to life as we know it and that included changes to how things were done at the rally BUT we still managed to raise (as of this moment) a whopping $158,000!!!

What an extraordinary feat by all. Hay Can Assist, Hay Community Trust, Angel Flight and Cancer Research – Western Division will be receiving these much needed funds, you guys should be so extremely proud of yourselves. Thank you to everyone who supported our rally in many different ways, either by sponsorship, donations or fundraising, it’s guys like you who make our rally possible.

Thank you to the volunteers who have helped with scrutineering or rally tally night, cheers! Thank you to the committee who give up so much of their own time to make the rally run smoothly and give back to not only our community but to outback communities. A huge thank you to the ralliers – you guys make the rally. Here’s to another success and look forward to 2021 – I wonder what adventures await!

Hay Rust n Dust Outback Rally Facebook Page

Kaniva Holden please?

Does anybody remember seeing the Hell Drivers in 1962 at Wangaratta Showgrounds? I remember being inspired and burning a few Billy Carts while doing ramp jumps through fire. It was only a few years later and I was buying FXs and FJs from Wirlinga wreckers for $10-20 each and trying to roll them by going over one-wheel ramps on the farm. When that happens now it’s purely accidental.

Jeff Brown can’t decide on which of his Holdens to work on next. Here is his new Premier bench seat interior in the HR.

Remember, we need your stories to fill these pages up. Anything olden or Holden will do. What cars you once owned, what you are currently working on or events you have been to. We all want to see anything that is interesting. Anything from 1 photo to a full story with pictures, and we can help you to write it so don’t be shy.
Our best wishes to you and your families for a safe and Happy Christmas and a Great New Year.

Regards, Craig Iskov